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part of Paris Fintech Forum Communities 2021 program

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   The Show

Fintech founding myths from the pioneering innovators, entrepreneurs and investors who turned their disruptive visions into reality.


Part of the Paris Fintech Forum Communities 2021 program, and hosted by broadcaster Elliott Gotkine, the F in Tech podcast lifts the lid on the women and men of fintech whose journeys of genius - and despair - are changing our lives, mostly for the better.


Executive Producer & Host


Paris Fintech Forum leads the path for Fin & Tech events since early 2016. After 5 astonishing editions, and to adapt to the exceptional sanitary situation, it shifted to a new concept Paris Fin&Tech Forum Communities.

Spread over the full 2021 year you will find in this whole new hybrid format, exclusive content, live streaming high end sessions with top level speakers from all around the world, not to forget virtual exhibition halls and countless networking opportunities.

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The F'in Tech podcast is co produced in 2021 by the Paris Fintech Forum with the support of bpifrance.

Paris Fintech Forum Communities
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